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Copenhagen On A Budget

Copenhagen on a budget

Denmark’s colourful capital Copenhagen, was the first stop on my Scandinavian adventure. Myself and friends had embarked on an Easter trip around Denmark, Sweden and Norway in April 2017 and we were so excited to explore!

In one of the top ten most expensive cities in the world we were looking to explore whilst sticking to a budget. And for most travellers that means joining a free walking tour or two. We may have also opted to join a fairly inexpensive boat tour to see the city from a different perspective. These tours meant we came away having learnt a lot about Denmark’s fire filled past, whilst catching a glimpse at the many spires that fill the skies of the city. Oh and we also took a very quick walk around Christianshavn, just to see what all the fuss was about. And to be honest I wasn’t that impressed.

Copenhagen on a budget

But one thing about the city that I was seriously impressed with was Paper Island. Having Instagrammed Copenhagen I noted a lot of delicious looking food posts. And they all pointed back to here. Just a short walk across the water from Nyhavn you come to the home of street food, which was once the storage location for, you guessed it, paper. We had salmon rolls and chips, falafel salads, duck burgers and creme brûlée doughnuts, to name but a few. The warehouse is full of aisles of various street foods from all around the world. You can stick to one delicacy or try a few. It’s also a great spot to grab some drinks and waste away an evening. You may want to visit on one of their free Bingo nights, which the locals and tourists both seem to love.

Copenhagen on a budget
As ever with my travels I always like to take a little time to explore the cities street art. Roa is one of my favourite artists and he depicts in his art the wildlife local to where he paints. I’ve seen his stuff in London, Berlin and Cologne and wanted to catch a glimpse of this piece in Copenhagen too. If you’re in the area after popping in to Tivoli take a walk around the nearby streets to find this piece.

To see Copenhagen in all it’s glory you also need to see the city from the water. We joined a boat tour from one of the stops at Nyhavn for a really reasonable price and set on our way. From Danish houses, museums and many church spires our boat took us everywhere. We even got our first glance from afar of the Little Mermaid.

Copenhagen on a budget
We decided that after seeing her from a distance we’d seek the Little Mermaid out on our next day and see her close up. It was cold and rainy and after what seemed like a lot of walking we made it. Many people who’ve seen her were disappointed, but I really wasn’t. It’s busy there sure and full of people taking photos but once it quietens down (or you climb down the rocks towards the water like we did) you’ll get to enjoy the statue in peace and snap some nice photos. You’ll also spend the rest of your day humming Under the Sea. You have been warned.

It was my first Scandinavian country to visit and I’m sure, well I know, it won’t be my last. I’ve heard it’s an even more relaxed vibe in the summer and I can’t wait to experience it.

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