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Three Days in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. Famous for the brightly coloured waterfront of Nyhavn, the Little Mermaid and Tivoli Gardens. During an Easter trip to Scandinavia with friends back in 2017 I spent three days in Copenhagen. In this post, I’ll talk about where to stay in Copenhagen. As well as what to do in Copenhagen. Especially for those travelling on a budget like I was.

How We Got To Copenhagen

A London to Copenhagen flight takes just under two hours and can cost as little as £40 return. Airlines which fly to Copenhagen include EasyJet, Ryanair, Norwegian, SAS, British Airways and more. Obviously, prices will vary depending on who you choose to fly with, how far in advance you book and when you choose to travel. In terms of Copenhagen airport transportation, you can get to the city centre in just fifteen minutes. If you’re heading to Central Station the train is a great option. Or you can opt for the Metro, Bus or even a taxi. Although the latter will be a lot more expensive. So best to avoid this option if you are visiting Copenhagen on a budget.

What We Did

We were in Copenhagen for three days and saw a lot. So whether you’re taking a day trip to Copenhagen, spending a weekend in Copenhagen or enjoying a whole week in the city, here are some of my recommendations on what to get up to. I mention a mixture of free and paid-for activities, so whatever your budget you’ll find an activity to suit!

A Visit to the Little Mermaid

We decided that after seeing her from a distance we’d seek the Little Mermaid out on our next day and see her close up. It was cold and rainy and after what seemed like a lot of walking we made it. Many people who’ve seen her were disappointed, but I really wasn’t. It’s busy there sure and full of people taking photos. But once it quietens down (or you climb down the rocks towards the water as we did) you’ll get to enjoy the statue in peace and snap some nice photos. You’ll also spend the rest of your day humming Under the Sea. You have been warned.

Boat Tour of Copenhagen

We also decided to see Copenhagen by boat and joined a Netto-Bådene tour at Nyhavn. For one hours tour, we paid just eight Euros. And it was an experience I would highly recommend when spending three days in Copenhagen. We learnt even more about the city, as well as catching our first glimpse of the Little Mermaid, traditional Danish houses and the excellent Paper Island. The latter was an incredible food market, that has unfortunately now closed for good.

Free Walking Tours

In one of the top ten most expensive cities in the world, we were looking to explore whilst sticking to a budget. And for most travellers looking for free things to do in Copenhagen, a free walking tour is a perfect choice. They’re great for those wanting to learn more about the city, whilst saving money too! We joined two of the Copenhagen Free Walking Tours, the Grand Tour of Copenhagen and the Tour of Christianshavn. We learnt about the history of the city and its fire filled past. Caught a glimpse of many of the spired that fill the city’s skylines. And saw some street art in Christianshavn and learnt about this area too.

Street Art Spotting in Copenhagen

As ever with my travels I always like to take some time to discover the street art of a city. And Copenhagen was no exception. Roa is one of my favourite artists. His work is always in black and white and depicts the wildlife local to where he paints. I’ve seen his stuff in London, Berlin and Cologne and wanted to catch a glimpse of this piece in Copenhagen too. If you’re in the area after popping in to Tivoli take a walk around the nearby streets to find this piece.

Copenhagen is a great city to explore and one that you can see a lot in just three days. If you’ve visited Copenhagen, I’d love to know what you got up too!

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