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Top Places to Visit in New York for First Timers

Top Places to Visit in New York for First Timers

New York. Sigh. I love this city. The ever honking yellow taxis, the pretzel carts on every street corner and not knowing which street or avenue we were on but loving every minute of it. In November 2017 we headed for New York, which was my first ever time visiting the city and the United States in general. Given that it was my first time, we did frequent a lot of the typical tourist spots. So here are my top places to visit in New York for first timers.

1. Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock New York City

I’ve heard a lot of debates about the benefits of going up the Empire State Building versus going up to the Top of the Rock. And although we ran out of time to do both we did make it up the latter at the very start of our holiday. It was a bright day, had gorgeous views and only cost us $35 (give or take a little). What surprised me was by how quiet the city seemed and how much of it we could see. For me this was one of the New York memories that’ll last a lifetime.

2. New York Public Library

New York Public LibraryImage credit: Dan Moore

Anyone reading this blog post who has met me will know that I love a library. Books are totally my thing and this library has to be one of the prettiest I’ve seen. Just make sure that you’re in the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building to see the beautiful reading room. People are actually there to study so sections are closed off to visitors unless on a guided tour. Also when visiting if you’re on a tight schedule take a look at the opening hours for this as they don’t always open early.

3. American Museum of Natural History and the Hayden Planetarium

Top Places to Visit in New York for First Timers

If you love dinosaurs, space and the movie Night at the Museum you’ll love this place. General admission here is $23 dollars but it’s pay what you wish at a ticket desk so if you’re on a budget you can give less. We purchased a ticket for the Dark Universe show in the Planetarium which was fantastic. My boyfriend is a huge Neil deGrasse Tyson fan so this was a must for our trip and well worth spending the extra dollars.

4. Central Park

Central Park Nee York City

I’d heard great things about this park but it wasn’t until I had set foot in it that I realised how amazing it was. Central Park is huge and many people choose to cycle or be carted around it. We thought the prices were a little expensive so opted for a a long walk. Admittedly we didn’t make it round the whole park but we did make it at least half way. And for any literature fans out there be sure to check out the Alice and Wonderland statue there.

5. The Flatiron Building

Top Places to Visit in New York for First Timers

Maybe not an obvious choice to everyone but the Flatiron building was definitely high up on the list of things to see when in New York City. Well for me anyway. The whole time I was there I couldn’t shake the feeling it had been featured somewhere in the superhero movie-verse. And a quick google later told me it was used as the Daily Bugle’s offices in Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man. Quick sigh of relief for me and a lovely snap of this building for you.

And that’s my top five tourist spots to visit in New York City. So if you’ve been to New York or are planning a trip let me know what’s on your list in the comments.

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