Top 5 Places to Eat in New York City

Food. This is what the next New York post is dedicated to. As well as walking many miles around the city, we also consumed a lot of tasty dinners and snacks during our trip. So if you’re looking for some great places to grab a bite to eat, here are my suggestions for the top five places to eat whilst in New York.

1. Joe’s Pizza

final joe

You can’t have a New York food post without mentioning pizza. No word of a lie we ate pizza every single day we were in the States. And Joe’s was by far the best- we ate it all but one time during our whole trip. At $3 per slice (for a regular cheese slice) it was cheap, tasty and absolutely massive. But it wasn’t just the pizza that made this place, it was the atmosphere too. Celebrity photos and newspaper cuttings decorated the walls and people from all over the world lined up to get a slice from the friendly slice. We loved it that much we even got ourselves a T-shirt.

2. Don Giovanni Ristorante

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We visited this place on our second night in New York. We’d learnt our lesson from a terrible Applebee’s dinner on our first night and headed away from Times Square in search of food. We found Don Giovanni’s a traditional Neapolitan restaurant with a homely family feel. The exterior with it’s burnt orange leaves and fairy lights drew us in. We were tempted by the brick oven pizzas but both myself and my boyfriend went for pasta. The cheese ravioli was extremely fresh and tasty, and the broccoli with garlic sauce has changed how I eat broccoli forever. Slightly dramatic but honestly wait until you taste it. Plain steamed broccoli will be over for you.

3. Treehaus@MiMA

We were staying at Yotel Times Square and Treehaus was located only a few doors down. It was the perfect spot to grab breakfast on the go. Their pastry selection was great and in true American style the portion size was a lot bigger than expected. Towards the back of the store you’ll find the bread section where you can get a bagel with butter for $1.75. A bargain and an absolutely delicious way to start the day.

4. Levain Bakery

final cookie.jpg

We visited the West 74th Street branch whilst in the Central Park area and I must say Levain Bakery has produced some of the best cookies I have ever tasted. We opted for the traditional chocolate chip cookie, whilst also purchasing their oatmeal and raisin, double chocolate chip cookie and chocolate and peanut butter cookies. They’re buttery, warm and are full to the brim with melting chocolate. They were so amazing that on our last night in New York we hailed a cab to the bakery and purchased two more of each flavour to ‘take home’. They may or may not have made it that far.

5. Pure Thai Cookhouse

We ventured into the Hell’s Kitchen area for a few nights and were delighted with what we found. Off the back of a recommendation in Time Our New York we decided on Pure Thai. It was small, cosy and absolutely packed but it was great. We’ve both visited Thailand in the past and this meal was reminiscent of the food we had eaten when staying in Krabi. We opted for veggie spring rolls and a Pad Thai each and it came to less than $40. It was one of our favourite meals during the trip and I would thoroughly recommend it to you all.

And that’s my top five places to eat whilst in New York City. So if you’ve been to New York or are planning a trip let me know what’s on your list in the comments. We need more food inspiration for our next trip there!

Until next time.

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