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Top things to do in Philadelphia

Taking a break from my New York posts, for now, I wanted to share with you a little about my time in Philadelphia. I have friends in the area and as it was such a short bus ride from New York I thought I’d spend a few days there exploring. So here are my top things to do in Philadelphia.

1. Explore Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

For me this was the best thing I saw in Philadelphia. Opened in 2008 the Philadelphia Magic Gardens is an art museum and gallery created by Isaiah Zagar. Inside of 1020 South Street you’ll find walls covered in the artists signature mosaics. They’re made of tiles, bottles, bicycle wheels, sculptures- anything it seems the artist could get a hold of.  The outside was the most impressive area, with stairs and narrow pathways leading to new and exciting areas of the museum. Just remember this is a piece or art, so try not to touch anything- however tempting it may be.

2. Eat at Reading Terminal Market

If you’re looking for a place to grab a quick bite to eat or some fresh groceries for your trip then the Reading Terminal Market is the place for you. Fun fact- it’s actually one of America’s largest and oldest public markets as it’s been housed in a National Historic Landmark building since 1893. I grabbed some mac & cheese balls from Beck’s Cajun Cafe, and they were delicious. I’d say share a batch, as the serving is huge and you won’t get through it yourself. Once we grabbed some food, we spent some time wandering up and down the aisles, taking in the delicious smells of donuts, fresh fruit and various dishes from around the world.

3. Visit Rocky Statue and Steps

Now I’m not a Rocky film fan, I’ll leave that to my boyfriend and my little brother, but seeing as we were in the city the movie was filmed in, we thought we’d take a look. The statue is situated in the grounds of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the backdrop is impressive. The statue itself is also great but be warned it can get a little busy with people taking photos. And if you’re having a photo do the Rocky pose. Don’t question it just do it. The steps were less of a highlight for me but it was a good spot for a nice view of the city. Just a note, there are people at the top of the steps offering to take your photo, this is not free, they will ask you to pay them for this before handing back your camera.

4. Grab a hot chocolate at Shane Confectionery

In Old City you’ll find Shane Confectionery, a sweet shop (or candy if you’re from the US) with old school charm. It’s soft lighting, traditional cash registers and sweet jars makes you feel like you’ve stepped back into the 1900’s, but considering it was established in 1911, but I’m assuming that’s the point. I tried their seasonal white chocolate and peppermint hot chocolate. It was like Christmas in a cup, so delicious, yet so sickly. I’ll admit it did beat me and I had to give up before I finished. This shop is great if you want to grab a box of chocolates or sweets to take back home as a gift, but be prepared the prices are quiet steep.

If you’ve been to any of these places in Philadelphia let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts on them. And if you’re heading to the city soon I hope this blog post helped a little in trying to figure out where to visit in Philly.

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