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What to do in Stockholm

In April myself and friends visited Scandinavia for the first time. Our first stop was Copenhagen, which you can read about in this blog post. And the second was Stockholm. We were in the city over the Easter period and despite the holiday we still managed to cram in a lot of exploring. So if you’re thinking of visiting this lovely city here are my suggestions on what to do in no particular order.

1. Visit the Vasa Museum

We did a lot of cool stuff when in Stockholm, but the most exciting thing for me was to visit the Vasa Museum. An adult ticket was 130 SEK (roughly £11.70) and the journey to the museum was super easy by tram. Just a note if you’re a fan of ABBA too I’d suggest visiting the Abba Museum on the same day as the Vasa Museum. They’re located only a ten minute walk away from each other, so saves time travelling to and from the city centre- which is great if you have limited time in Stockholm.

2. Enjoy Fika in Gamla Stan

If you’ve ever been to Sweden before, or know anyone from there, you may be aware of the term Fika. Loosely translated it means to ‘have coffee’. So that is what we did when we were in Gamla Stan, otherwise known as Old Town. We opted for a coffee and cake at Chokladkoppen a cute cafe housed in one of the colourful buildings which make Stortorget recognisable to tourists and locals a like.

3. Ride the Subway

One thing I would absolutely recommend doing on a trip to Stockholm is to take a ride on their subway. Out of 100 subway stations over 90 of them are decorated, be it with sculptures, mosaics, engravings or paintings. We took part in a free tour of the subway where we learnt more about some of the main stations, but if you don’t want to commit to a tour, just hop on when going from place to place, and keep your eyes peeled. I’ve published a Stockholm Subway article, where I let you know my favourite stations to visit, so do take a look if you need recommendations.

4. Take part in a Free Walking Tour

What better way to explore a city and learn more about it’s history than taking a walking tour. Plus for those on a budget in this expensive city, there are plenty of free options too. There are a few companies around but we booked with Free Walking Tour Stockholm as their tours and times fit our schedule. As mentioned earlier we took part in the Subway Tour, but we also managed to fit in a general tour of Stockholm. On the tour we caught a glimpse of the the Royal Swedish Opera, the Swedish Prime Minister’s house, as well as the changing of the Changing of the Guard.

5. Stay at the Skanstulls Hostel

Just a tip for your trip to Stockholm (which is more about where to stay and not what to do), I’d thoroughly recommend staying in Skanstulls Hostel. It was fairly cheap, the staff were helpful and friendly and the hostel itself was beautiful. The reception and dining areas were so well decorated and created a cosy atmosphere when hanging around in these areas. As we were on a bit of a budget, the huge kitchens, which come equipped with free tea, coffee and pasta, helped enormously. Plus it was only a ten minute walk to the nearest Lidl, where we grabbed most of our supplies.

If you have any other recommendations about where to go in Stockholm do let me know.

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