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Stockholm Subway Station Highlights

The Stockholm Subway is a highlight for any visit to Sweden’s capital. And it’s definitely a must on the what to do in Stockholm list. But why is visiting a city’s underground or metro system a highlight? Well, out of the 100 subway stations in Stockholm, over 90 are decorated. You’ll find paintings, mosaics and sculptures, from over 150 artists, all in various styles and designs. The subway system is said to be one of the world’s largest art exhibitions, measuring 110 kilometres long. There’s so much great art in the Stockholm subway and we covered a fair few on a free subway tour, as well as some on our own. So if you’re looking for a few suggestions on where to start these are my Stockholm subway highlights.

Hallonbergen (Blue Line)

When you first come into the platform at Hallonbergen you’ll notice colourful, almost childlike scribbles decorating the walls. Boats, cats, pirates, you name it, it’s on the walls of the subway. It’s said that when decorating the stations, artists Elis Erikson and Gösta Wallmark, were inspired by their childhoods. We spent a while walking around the platforms taking in the huge amount of drawings. With every turn, you spot another interesting scribble, take another photo, and on and on, until someone suggests you go and explore the other stations in the city.

Stadion (Red Line)

Stadion was one of the subway stops we visited on our free tour. It’s close by to the Stockholm Olympic Stadium, and the artists wanted to remind passengers of the areas sporting history. Although the Olympics were held way back on 1912 it still regularly hosts sport and music events. The station is also one of the first cave stations in the subway and the artists wanted to bring the outside in- hence the rainbow seen in this picture. They also added a window of flowers to the station, which reminds commuters, tourists and locals of the outside.

Thorildsplan (Green Line)

This station was not featured on our subway tour but was actually found by myself whilst researching for this trip. Thorildsplan was a little further out than the other stations we had visited, but the lure of PAC-MAN inspired art meant I didn’t mind the journey so much. The artist Lars Arrhenius was commissioned to decorate the station in 2008, with the stipulation that the art had to be created with tiles. It’s said he was inspired by the surroundings close to the station, which reminded him of video games, hence the theme.  Everywhere you look in the station you find a colourful tile depicting some of your favourite video game icons. Smiley clouds, red and white mushrooms and one of my favourites Blinkey the PAC-MAN ghost.

Rådhuset (Blue Line)

When researching about the art in Stockholm’s subway, Rådhuset was one of the stations that kept appearing. The subway is named after the courthouse that is located above the station and luckily we visited this on our tour. The exposed brick and natural earthy colours really made you feel as if you were walking through a cave, and the contrasts of colours when the subway comes into the platform makes for a great photo.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about what subway station in Stockholm is your favourite. And if anyone has any suggestions do let me know. I only visited a handful so will be great to get a few more station names for a future trip to Stockholm.

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