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Pizza Making at BungaTINI

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It’s safe to say I love pizza. When I visited Italy for the first time one of the first things I wanted to eat was pizza. Same with New York. When we were there we ate pizza every single day. So it was a great treat when at Christmas, my boyfriend was gifted a pizza making class for two.

The pizza making class was booked through Virgin Experience Days and took place at the central London pizzeria BungaTINI. Included in this was a free drink (wine, beer, an Aparol Spritz or a glass of prosecco) but drinks are available to purchase. Just a heads up drinks here are expensive with two gin and tonics coming in at over £25. Whilst the chef and the other members of staff were introducing themselves guests were also treated to some Italian antipasto. For the meat eaters, a selection of cheese and hams were provided and for the vegetarians you’ll be given grilled aubergine, courgette and delicious oregano and salt breads.

A large part of the class was made up of dough work. First we made our own dough, mixing and kneading until we got the consistency just right. But be sure to pay attention- the chef moved very quickly through the instructions and a few people got left behind and were unsure on what the next steps should be. The dough making is stressful and messy but so much fun.

Once we prepared our own dough we were then given pre-maid sourdough to work with. With this we learned how to stretch the dough to the required size, as well as to stretch the dough using our knuckles (you know, how the proper pizza makers do it). Once we’d had a play around with the dough and got the size and shape just right it was time to add the toppings.

As our dough was super thin and quiet easy to break, the chef took charge of spooning the Napolitana sauce onto our bases. Grated mozzarella was given to each pair to put on their pizzas, and just as a warning from a huge cheese lover, go easy on the cheese. I loaded mine up with probably too much cheese, meaning my pizza wasn’t as crisp as those who took it easy with the mozzarella.

The toppings were left at the front and you could help yourself to as much as you wanted. There were three or four meats provided, more cheeses, courgettes, chilli and an Italian spinach/ broccoli item. The staff were great at tending to everyones requests and eventually brought out pineapple, peppers and pepperoni for the pizzas too.

We weren’t able to cook the pizzas ourselves, so there was a little time waiting around at the table for all the pizzas to be done, but once they were cooked everyone seemed really impressed with what they produced. You can see my finished product above, and let me tell you it was delicious. We left full of our sourdough pizzas, with our prepared dough in the bag, ready to try out our new pizza making skills at home.

The pizza making experience was great fun, and something we would be happy to do again. So if you’re looking for a fun way to spend an evening, an idea for date night or a gift for a loved one then I would 100% recommend this experience. If you’ve been to any other food making classes around London, be it pizza or otherwise I’d love to hear from you. It was a great experience and something we’d like to repeat again.

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