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Bangkok to Ayutthaya Day Trip

The historical city of Ayutthaya, which dates way back to 1350 and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was one of the first stops on our Southeast Asia adventure. We were staying in Bangkok for a few days and since I’d visited before on a previous trip I wanted to show Dan how cool this city was.
How to get there

We decided to get the train from Bangkok’s main station Hua Lamphong. For 15 Baht per person (around 35p) we travelled the three and a half hour journey in third class and it was fantastic. Locals walk up and down the carriages selling iced drinks, cooked chicken and rice, as well as an array of fruits and sweet snacks.
Sitting with the locals staring out of the wide open windows at Bangkok showed us another side to the city that we wouldn’t have experienced if we had opted to drive. And although it does get warm and the train stops a lot, sometimes for a very long period of time, it’s a great journey and you’d be mad to pass up the opportunity. Plus it’s a super cheap way to travel, so surely that counts for something?
Ayutthaya Floating Market

Once we jumped off the train we grabbed a tuk tuk to Ayutthaya Floating Markets. They charge a 200 Baht entrance fee and this gives you access to the markets, a boat ride around them and a ticket to watch a show whilst you’re there too. We decided to spend our time walking up and down the isles, browsing in shops at souvenirs, whilst also taking in all the smells and sounds. Cannons go off every now and again to signal the start of a new performance, and the smells of cooking are everywhere. Where we stopped for lunch wasn’t great, but we ended up grabbing a mango smoothie and a Thai iced coffee after and they were both delicious.

Before we left we jumped on one of the long boats which took us on a ride around the market, which was actually quiet fun. We were only on there four about five or ten minutes, but we managed to get some nice photos and it was good to see the market from the water too.
Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon
As we’d spent a lot of our time exploring the Floating Market, we were a little limited as to what ruins to explore. I’d been to a number of them before when I’d previously visited so I made the decision to take Dan to see Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon. Which is home to the very impressive Reclining Buddha. My favourite part of the whole area were the lines and lines of smaller seated Buddhas surrounding the much larger structure.
There are so many more ruins to explore in the Ayutthaya Historical Park. I’d absolutely recommend hiring a bicycle whilst you’re there to cycle between them all as they are located a fair bit away from one another.

So if you’re staying in Bangkok and have a day spare I’d suggest heading to Ayutthaya to experience the historical city yourself. Let me know what you got up to during your day there.
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