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Chiang Mai: Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Vegetarian restaurants in Chiang MaiFor me I found Chiang Mai one of the best places in Thailand to eat as a vegetarian. So much so I even suggested sampling the vegetarian foods as one of my Chiang Mai top things to do. Compared to some other areas of Thailand we had so many options to choose from and we didn’t get bored with what was on offer at all. So here are (in my opinion) the best vegetarian restaurants in Chiang Mai.

Pink House Garden

We visited Pink House Garden for lunch one day and wow. Set in the garden of a Thai family home we found the location to be perfect. We were the only ones there so got the pick of the tables. We ate lunch nestled under canopies and sitting on cushions.

We both ordered stir fry vegetables with cashews and were so surprised when it arrived. The mix of colours and fragrances from the dish was incredible and the flavours were simple yet delicious. We washed it down with a mango juice and Thai iced coffee (and if you haven’t had one of these before you MUST try it) and when the bill came we were super delighted. For two servings of the veggies with rice and two drinks, it came to a very reasonable £4. A perfect vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai.


We found Aum entirely by accident, and to begin with, thought we were walking into someone’s house. Which sometimes you are. Upstairs there were long wooden benches and cushions scattered on the floor, with incredible hand-painted artwork on the walls.

I decided on the miso soup for lunch, which was delicious, although contained slightly too much tofu for my liking. I’m actually one of those veggies who hates tofu, but in Thailand, most of the vegetarian dishes seem to contain it.

Fresh Time 

One of the first meals we ate in Chiang Mai was at Fresh Time and luckily it was super delicious. In true Thai tourist style, I opted for the Pad Thai with veggie tempura. And honestly, it was probably one of the best pad Thai dishes I ate the whole time we were in Thailand. The veggie tempura we had on the side were so crisp and flavoursome too. Dan also picked up a mango smoothie and some fresh fruit from the restaurant. It’s all displayed in front of you and looks so fresh and inviting it’s hard not to get carried away.

Reform Kafe

Vegan food in Chiang Mai

Reform Kafe was where we chose to go for our anniversary dinner. It’s located to the north of the old city and took us about 25 minutes to walk from our hotel, but it was totally worth it. It’s a completely vegan restaurant and there are so many different choices of food on the menu.

My suggestion- try the morning glory and the massaman curry. You may also fall a little bit in love with the bowls they serve the curries in, they’re so cute! For dessert, we highly recommend the banana pancakes with chocolate ice-cream. Despite how full we were we both finished a portion each and honestly, it’s probably one of the best desserts I’ve eaten in a long time.

We did try a whole lot more vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Chiang Mai, and although the meals weren’t terrible they just weren’t worth mentioning. So there you go, these are my favourite vegetarian restaurants in Chiang Mai. If you’re headed there do let me know if you go to any of my suggestions and what your thoughts were!

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  • Suffering Wanderlust

    I’m currently in Chiang Mai and I’ve been loving Vegan Heaven (it’s right next to our hostel and absolutely amazing). Definitely going to check out some of these restaurants for a nice change!

    • sagefitzpatrick

      We actually visited this place too! We found a great place to get gelato just up the road too. Hope you enjoy it!

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