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Loch Lomond to Glenfinnan. And back.


As spontaneous trips go this was one of the greatest. We’ve spent four days in Scotland and on Monday spent the whole day exploring the stunning Scottish countryside. We drove from Loch Lomond to Glenfinnan via Fort William and back, with plenty of stops in between!

Culag Beach

The first stop on our road trip was actually only thirty minutes down the road from where we were staying in Loch Lomond. Culag Beach caught our eye as we drove past, and we couldn’t help stop once we’d got a glimpse of these stunning views.

The beach was small, but we had a peaceful spot to look out across the water at the rolling hills, so that didn’t matter in the slightest. There were people camping along the water and I don’t blame them. Waking up to views like that, with only the sound of seagulls and flowing water would be wonderful.

Inversnaid- Inveruglas Ferry

This stop, like all the others was completely unplanned. But we had to stop simply because of the views. We found out once we had parked up (it’s pay and display FYI) that it’s actually twhere you can take a boat tour of the Loch. We didn’t have enough time but they’ve got heaps of options ranging from an hour, half a day and even a day tour!

Once we finished taking photos of the boat, we had a short walk on the nature path and got some beautiful views of the other side of the water. We also got a better glimpse of Loch Sloy Hydro- Electric facility. Which is said to be the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom. There’s not heaps to do here but there is a toilet, so if you’re needing to plan bathroom breaks for you trip you should try adding this place!

Glen Etive

This stop in our road trip was my boyfriends call and what a stop it was. He main reason he wanted to visit was scene in Skyfall was filmed here. And once he’d shown me the photos I instantly said yes to going. Seriously look at those views!

The areas is part of the Scottish Highlands and it was just as spectacular as I had imagined. It was a little cloudy, a little misty and so moody- just what I expected from Scotland. The silence as we pulled over at each beautiful spot was insane, so much so I took to whispering when we were outside. It’s a great spot for camping, and we saw so many people in tents and camper vans settling in for the night.

Glenfinnan Viaduct

Anyone that knows me knows what a huge Harry Potter fan I am. Books and movies. And on this trip we got to visit one of the best Harry Potter movie locations there is- the Harry Potter bridge. Known in real life as the Glenfinnan Viaduct.

There are two car parks located close to the bridge, one you have to pay for and one you don’t. They’re both only a few minutes walk from the bridge so you can park in either.

The first glimpse of the bridge for me was incredible. I may or may not have had a little cry. Even if you weren’t a HP fan the sheer scale and style of the bridge would be impressive.

We spent a good two hours walking around the bridge and taking photos. We headed up one side and then headed to the other to get a different viewpoint. After a very swift walk/ jog up the muddy hills we were treated to the view of a train going over the bridge. It wasn’t the Hogwarts Express, but it was an amazing moment either way.

Have you ever road tripped around Scotland? If so I want to hear all your suggestions. We plan on doing a lot more of these in the future so I’m all ears!

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