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Vegetarian Restaurants in Ubud

inside crepeVegetarian restaurants in Ubud, Bali. There is a lot of them! Too many for us to try in the short time we were there. I’ve been wanting to publish this blog for so long, but it has been in my draft folder since we were in Bali. It wasn’t until I was included in Elizabeth Everywhere’s blog about some of the best food in Asia, that I decided to get this blog out of drafts and on the top of my to write a list!

Ubud was our first stop in Bali. And it was safe to say we were super excited to eat all the healthy, vegetarian (kind of western) food. We’d had a tough time of it, eating wise, in Vietnam, and we’re looking forward to dinners that did not consist of Dominoes Pizza. Here are our favourite restaurants from our time in Ubud. Just a note some of the places I recommend aren’t totally vegan or vegetarian, but they have heaps of choice for both.

Celts & Spells

crepeCelts & Spells was a great little find of Dan’s and was somewhere we visited on a few occasions. It’s a unique little creperie located down one of the main food streets in the centre. You can opt for one of the pre-designed crepes off the menu, or you can build your own. We decided on building our own each time. The caramelised apples and salted caramel sauce are a delight to eat. But trust me when I say, you will be overwhelmed by choice of toppings!

savoury crepeIf you’re more of a savoury crepe person, they have these too! I went for cheese, spinach and tomato galette and it was incredible. Such a great breakfast before we left Ubud to Seminyak. Again with the sweet options, there are a lot of toppings to choose from, so whether you eat meat, are veggie or vegan there is something for everyone!

Falafel Warung

Located super close to Ubud Market is Falafel Warung. It’s a great little falafel place, where you can grab a pocket, wrap or bowl option. It’s freshly made and you can decide what salads and sauces go on your meals. It was around 70,000 Rupiah per person, which is roughly around £3.50. It may seem expensive in Southeast Asia terms, but having lived in London and paid almost triple for falafel before, it seemed like a bargain to us! And a perfect spot to grab a bite to eat whilst browsing the wares of the market.



Mudracafe was the first place we tried for food (apart from our crap hotel restaurant) in Ubud. Dan really fancied a Buddha Bowl, so after a quick #UbudVegans search on Instagram we come across Mudracafe. It’s a pretty popular place off a morning, and if you don’t get there early, you may be turned away or have to wait a while for a table.


You must try the Phoenix Buddha Bowl whilst there. It’s a delicious concoction of a banana and coconut base, with granola, goji berries, more coconut, mango, strawberries, jackfruit, chia seeds and banana. We opted for no strawberries and jackfruit for allergy reasons, but the bowl was still so tasty! And the staff were super accommodating. The avocado on toast is also great and a must try if you fancy something a little more familiar for breakfasts whilst in Bali.



This was one of our favourite meals in Ubud. We’d spent such a long time in Asia eating rice and noodles (which is totally ok), but I was craving a salad. And Kismet really did deliver. Grilled courgettes, cherry tomatoes and halloumi Caeser Salad for main, with vegan nuggets, zucchini fries and steamed broccoli. We were pretty stuffed after this meal, but so so satisfied.

Ubud Raw Chocolate

Ubud Raw Chocolate was located just opposite Celts & Spells, so it was only logical after so much sweet food, to go and buy more sweet food. This raw chocolate is locally made in Ubud and only consists of two ingredients; cacao and coconut. The have a few variations you can try, including pure and raw (original), mint and goji berry and raisin cashew. We absolutely loved this place and the chocolate tasted so creamy and sweet, and almost healthy!

Have you been to Ubud and tried any of these restaurants? Or was there anywhere we missed out but have to try when we go back? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time.



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