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It wasn’t until I teamed up with Truprint on their #WhereverLifeTakesYou campaign that the idea of doing a personal update on the blog entered my mind. I’ve seen other bloggers do this but haven’t felt this was the way to go for me. Until now. 2018 has been a big year for me and my boyfriend Dan. If you’ve read the blog before you may know some of what we’ve got up to. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and even at the beginning of it, we didn’t know where life was going to take us. And we still don’t.


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Image credit: Dan Moore

This was a big one for us this year. We started out the year joking about leaving our jobs and jetting off across the world to Asia, Australia or the US. And come April, after a short surprise trip to Barcelona, we were unemployed, living with parents and about to embark on a pretty awesome trip around Southeast Asia together.

And what an amazing few months that was. We’d planned on being away for four or five months, but in reality we were only gone around two months. Lets blame our recently acquired (for me anyway) taste for luxury hotels. We spent a month in Thailand all in all. We visited Bangkok, and returned there over and over again to use the airport, explored the wonderful Chiang Mai and got soaked during Songkran in Kanchanaburi. We ventured back to Krabi, as we had both been on previous holidays and finally spent a while on the island of Ko Lanta. What was going to be a budget two week visit in a budget bechside hostel, turned into a two week visit in a 5 star luxury beachside hotel.

After Thailand we moved on to Vietnam. The destination I was most excited about. Although we saw some amazing things, like sunset on Halong Bay or the views from the mountain town of Sapa, Vietnam just didn’t have the charm that I’d read and heard so much about. Once we made the decision to leave for Bali I was almost relieved to be leaving.


Image credit: Dan Moore

Ah Bali. What a delight. And somewhere we will definitely be visiting again. Lack of funds meant we had to cut our trip around Bali short, and there is so much left of this country, and the rest of Indonesia left to discover. We split our time between Ubud and Seminyak. We saw so many monkeys that we lost count, ate at many many great restaurants, where we had some of the best vegetarian foods that we’ve ever had in our lives. We drove around Seminyak and the surrounding areas in search of more great food and beaches. And by the time we left for home we were pretty sad to be leaving the laid back lifestyle and our scooter, behind.

Our final trip of the year so far was a quick weekend away to Scotland. We hired a car and spent some time exploring the beautiful Loch Lomond and Scottish Highlands. We were also pretty lucky to visit Glenfinnan Viaduct, which as huge Harry Potter fans, was a pretty magical moment for us. There may or may not have been tears shed.

New Job

Once we returned to the UK we began the endless task of looking for jobs. Even before we went travelling I knew I didn’t want to return to the higher education industry and wanted to pursue my dream of working within the travel industry. Within a few weeks I was lucky enough to land a freelance writing gig with AllTheRooms. And not long after that I landed a job as a Marketing Exec for StudentUniverse UK. That was nearly four months ago and I’ve just taken part in my first freshers week campaign, which saw me heading off to Edinburgh and Glasgow. This may have also been one of the reasons why the blog has been a bit quiet recently. Trying to juggle all these new and exciting things in my life, didn’t leave me much time. But now my focus is only on StudentUniverse and this blog, things will get better soon I promise.

Moving Home

Reason number two for not giving my all to the blog over the last month or so was the fact that me and Dan found a flat and moved in. It all was a bit hectic trying to find somewhere and then secure it when we did. We’ve been in our lovely little flat for about two weeks now and it’s really starting to feel like home. We’ve got our travel trinkets out and are going to have some lovely prints from Truprint hanging on our walls. Having mine and Dan’s pictures from our travels around the flat reminds us of all our adventures that we’ve had and all the ones to come soon.

For the moment, apart from my work trips, we haven’t got any other trips planned. So you may see a lot of content about past trips coming up, as well as posts about more London things to do, as this is where we are based right now.

And that’s it I think! Wow! That was a lot to catch up on! Thanks Truprint for inspiring me to write this post. 2018 really has been one of those years that’s been unexpected and mad, and it’s not even over yet. Where has life taken you this year? Have you visited any interesting places? Or started a new job? I want to hear your stories.

Until next time.

*NB* The prints featured in the blog post were gifted to me by Truprint for the purpose of this post, but all views are my own.



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