Travel Prints with Tesco Photo

Photo frames. Travel prints. Posters. You name it, I’ve been looking for it. Since moving to our new flat in August we’ve been looking for artwork to hang on the walls and pictures to print. And it’s been a tough decision!

It wasn’t until I teamed up with Tesco Photo, for this blog collaboration, that I finally decided on what photos of ours to print. As keen travellers, Dan and I were looking to print some of our photos from our trips together.

We take and store photos in so many places now, our phones, cameras and laptops, but I think it’s such good practise to make copies offline. It’s sometimes great to have a reminder just for you. Something in print. Something tangible that you can hold, put in a photo album or frame and display in your home.

And for us this image of the mountains of Sapa in Vietnam, from our trip to Southeast Asia earlier this year, was our choice. It’s a reminder to us what a fantastic trip we went on. It’s a reminder to us how lucky we were to even go on that trip at all. And it’s a reminder to me that my boyfriend takes such beautiful photos and they need to be displayed more.

We absolutely loved the print as soon as we opened it. We wanted a square, matte print for this image, as well as something pretty large to fill the walls (our ceilings are insanely high). Before this we’d actually struggled finding somewhere to print this image and did have a hard time finding a frame big enough. But all that is forgotten now whenever we step into our bedroom. We see a little reminder of our trip on the wall and every single time it brings a smile to my face.

Do you print photos that you’ve taken on your travels? Do you hang your photos around your home or do you create albums from each trip full of pictures you’ve taken? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time.

*NB* For the purpose of this blog post Tesco Photo gifted me with a voucher to cover the cost of printing. But all views are my own.



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