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VIP Florence + The Machine with Debenhams


Concerts. Intimate gigs on top of pubs. Festivals. It’s safe to say I love them all. While some people get super exited to get glammed up for a night on the town, I’m so much more comfortable grabbing a pair of comfy shoes and heading to watch some live music. So I was pretty excited to find out that I’d been selected by Debenhams to celebrate the party season with them and a host of other bloggers. At Florence + The Machine. At the 02. VIP. You heard it VIP!

Florence, was as to be expected, wonderful. From her captivating voice, which filled the arena with what looked like barely any effort, her wild dance moves and crowdsurfing and her modest speeches and thank yous to the crowd. When she played hits such as ‘Dog Days are Over’, “Ship to Wreck’ and ‘Patricia’ the audience went nuts and you could feel the excitement rippled throughout the arena.

A bit about the 02


The 02 is a pretty well known music venue for anyone living in and around London. But some of you may have known it, or even visited it way back in 2000 when it was known as the Millennium Dome. I never had the chance to visit as it were, but since it re-opened in June 2007 I have visited on countless occasions to watch a variety of performances. The 02 has had more than 600 artists perform their since it’s opening over ten years ago now. From Bon Jovi who played the first show, to the Spice Girls (first) reunion, to Muse and even comedy nights and the tennis.

About the experience


VIP at the O2, well VIP anywhere actually, is a new experience for me. Instead of crushing myself into hundreds of other fans in the standing area I was whisked away into the O2 lounge area where I was directed to our suite for the night.  I was the first to arrive and was so surprised by what greeted me. I did not know what to expect, but our own living area, bar and dishes of hot and cold snacks was not it!


As you’d expect from a group full of bloggers there were selfies, group photos and boomerangs galore. As well as lots of getting to know each other, chatting to the team at Debenhams and stuffing ourselves silly with cheesecake, brownies, vegan sliders fries and onion rings! Oh and lets not forget the three different types of popcorn!


Seeing Florence + The Machine was the perfect way to get me ready for the festive party season. I drank, I danced, I sang and I got to party the night away in my new Doc Martens. Luckily I had my recently purchased FatFace dress to hand as unfortunately my new Oasis dress from Debenhams that I’d purchased didn’t arrive until the night of the event! BUT unfortunate as it may have been I now own a new dress, which will definitely be making an appearance over the festive period!

It was such a different experience to what I am used to when I got to see a live performance. It was pretty fancy and it felt nice to not have to get to the venue super early to queue and try and push myself to the front. But there’s just something about being amongst it, in a crowd of people, that I’ll always love.

I had such a fun night and it was amazing to see Florence perform again! It was brilliant to hear from the team that they’re always looking to work with smaller bloggers on campaigns, so for someone with a smaller blog following like mine, it gave me hope that some bigger brands are actually looking at quality engaging content, not just follower or social numbers! So a huge thank you to everyone at Debenhams for this fantastic experience! What a way to begin the party season!

Until next time.

*NB*This experience was part of a Debenhams party wear campaign, but please note all views are my own



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