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My Favourite Eco-Friendly Travel Products

Eco-friendly travel is something on everyone’s lips at the moment and it’s something we should all strive to be better at! Over the last few years I’ve made some small changes to become better at this, but there is still a way to go! These are just a few small changes I have made and some of my favourite eco-friendly travel products.

Shampoo Bars & Recyclable Conditioner Pots, Lush

Shampoo bars were the first investment I made in becoming a more eco-friendly traveller. When we were packing for our backpacking trip around Asia I was shocked at just how many plastic bottles we were packing. So I decided to ditch these and switched to the delicious coconut Trichomania shampoo bar from Lush. None of their products are tested on animals, the naked items are wrapped in recyclable packaging and this product in particular is made from natural ingredients and safe synthetics.

In terms of conditioner I did for a time use conditioner bars, but couldn’t find one that worked for me. I had reservations about buying a tub of conditioner in Lush because I was unsure about the recycling options. But a member of staff informed me that they were already made from recycled pots AND they run a scheme where you can bring back your empty tubs in exchange for a fresh face mask. So after hearing that I was swayed. If you want to read more about recycling their black pots check this article out.

Bamboo Toothbrush, The Humble Company

Toothbrushes were next on the agenda in my bid to become a more eco-friendly traveller. The Humble Brush is made from 100% biodegradable, sustainably-grown bamboo and once you’ve finished with it, will return to soil within just 6 months in a compost bin. The nylon bristles can also be popped into your plastic recycling. The sensation of the wooden toothbrush was a little weird to begin with but having got used to it I won’t be returning to plastic toothbrushes any time soon. You can purchase the brush, and other products from The Humble Company’s website but we have found it stocked in our local Superdrug so we tend to grab it from there! You can also pick them up (in various colours) from Amazon too.

Canvas Tote Bags

I love a canvas tote bag. The more the better. And they’re a great eco-friendly item to take travelling with you, as they’ll sop you reaching for a plastic bag whilst away! They’re small and lightweight, can be folded up super small and you’ll be surprised to find how much you can actually stuff in them. I tend to use my tote bags for shopping, but they can also doubled up as a day bag, beach bag, laundry bag or toiletries bag. Just simply pop one in your backpack or pocket and away you go.

Reusable Coffee Cup, Lifeventure

This is actually one of the most recent eco-friendly travel products that I have come to own. I won a whole host of travel items from Lifeventure in January and this reusable coffee cup had me the most excited when I opened up my package! It keeps hot drinks hot for up to two hours and I plan to take this with me when heading abroad this year. Reusable coffee cups are great for reducing waste plus a number of stores (in the UK at least) will give you money off for using your own coffee cup, so all the more reason to get your own!

Metal Straws

Image Credit: Flickr/ Mark Pazolli

We picked up our metal straws in Bali towards the end of our trip around South East Asia. We were shocked about how many straws were being used and given away so unnecessarily each time we bought a drink, so we wanted to do something to help tackle the problem, one straw at a time! I do use these a lot at home but shamelessly forget to bring them with me when I know I’ll be eating or drinking out. I have found a significant improvement in London venues as many have now switched to paper straws or have got rid altogether. And if they don’t I am slowly getting better at asking for no straw. I will absolutely take these metal straws travelling with me again as they’re super lightweight so easy to slip into your bag ready for you to use. I can’t remember the brand we purchased but you can find a range of metal straws online.

Reusable Drinking Bottle, S’well

Finding a good quality re-usable drinking bottle took me a little time. I did have a few plastic versions from Ikea over the years, but wanted to invest in something a little more eco-friendly and preferably in metal. It took a while but I finally settled on this S’well stainless steel drinking bottle. It’s large enough to keep my going during a day out or a long commute, it keeps your liquids extremely cold or hot (depending on what you fill it with) and it looked nice. Switching to this drinking bottle has saved me using a lot of plastic bottles and I just hope over the next few years more filling stations will become available in public places, making it easier to be more sustainable. As a side note though, you would need to purchase a water filter bottle if you’re heading to a destination where tap water is not safe to drink.

Top Tips

As well as bringing my favourite travel products travelling with me I also have a one simple tip when staying in hotels or hostels that will help you in becoming a more eco-friendly traveller. Say no to room cleaning! For years now I have said no to hotel staff cleaning my bedding or towels unless absolutely necessary. For a week trip I find it ridiculous to get my bedding changed every two days. It’s not what I do at home and it’s such a waste of water and resources. If you aren’t able to speak to one of the cleaners before you head out for the day, look out for small cards to leave on your bed or in your bathroom as this will make the staff aware you don’t wish to have your room cleaned.

And there you have it! These are just a few of the products I love to take travelling with me. But most make it into my everyday life too! Have you got a favourite eco-friendly travel products you could recommend? I’d love to learn more!

Until next time.

*NB* All items in this blog post have been purchased by my and are not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned, with the exception of the pictured S’well bottle (this item was gifted to me after I write the blog). I have included Amazon Affiliate Links to some products. This will not cost you more but will help me earn a little towards my travel fund with each purchase.




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