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Planning A Trip To New York City With Marco Polo Guides

How to plan a trip to New York City? Well this is not the first time or probably the last time I will be asking myself this question. In a few short weeks I’ll be jetting off to NYC for the second time and I can’t wait! There is still so much I need to see and do. So when Marco Polo Guides enlisted my help in promoting their New York Guide I jumped at the chance.

Travel guide books, as well as Instagram and other travel bloggers posts, are a pivotal part of my travel planning. Guide books provide some really useful information on transportation to and from the airports, currency, roaming charges in said country and always have insider tips, giving you locations to visit that are a little off the beaten track. Even as a non-first-timer in New York City, it’s always good to read up on this kind of thing. My New York Travel Guide is no different and contains all of the above and more! And by more I’m talking a pull out map, a subway map and individual in-book maps of the different areas of the city. Not to mention detailed sections on each of the different districts.

One of the most interesting things I find about Marco Polo Guides is the addition of a touring app too. Not only do you have all the information from the book available to you, but you also have the opportunity to download an app completely free of charge. You can then use your book or the app to navigate your way around the city on one of their suggested Discovery Tours. And this doesn’t just go for my New York City guide, it comes with every single book. It works offline too, so if you’re unable to connect to Wi-Fi or have your data turned off for the trip, you can still use it and won’t miss out on this awesome feature.

But what do I actually plan on doing when in New York? That’s a good question! There is so much to choose from I’m a bit spoilt for choice. The Staten Island Ferry is top of my list of the bucket-list things to do in New York as it’s something we missed out on during our last visit. I’m also pretty sure we’ll be making a stop in B&H (Dan loves a camera shop) and the Strand bookshop. It’s 18 miles of new, used and rare books. Basically my idea of heaven! We’re also really hoping we can explore Brooklyn a little more as we spent most of our last trip in Manhattan. I’m envisioning vintage shops, great places for coffee and a lot of cool street art.

I’m going to be blogging and posting about my trip to New York so keep your eyes peeled for LOTS of New York City content. And if you have any handy tips you want to share let me know!

Until next time.

*NB* My copy of the New York Travel Guide was gifted to me by Marco Polo Guides. This post is part of a paid campaign with them also. But please note all views are my own.



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