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Pizza Tour of New York City

A visit to New York City is not complete without a slice or two, or twenty of pizza. But where can you get the best slice of pizza in New York? That’s a tough one to answer! Some people like a plain cheese slice of pizza, others enjoy a square corner of pepperoni pizza. Some want a crispy base and crust, others prefer a lot more flop.

During our most recent trip to New York City we set out to try and find our favourite pizza place in New York City by creating our very own pizza tour of New York City. I say our pizza tour, it was really Dan’s pizza tour as the research basically involved Dan watching a heap of pizza videos before our trip and writing a list of some of the best. So if you’re looking to do a pizza tour of New York City or just want to know some of the best pizza places in the city are, here are our recommendations.

John’s of Bleecker Street

John’s of Bleecker Street has been a New York City establishment since 1929. It was founded by Italian immigrant John Sasso who originally opened up shop in Greenwich Village. But once he lost the lease he moved the coal fire brick oven to Bleecker Street, where it still remains. This was the only pizzeria we visited that did not sell pizza by the slice.

We were seated right away amongst local New Yorkers and opted for a cheese pie and two ciders. For me this was my favourite of all the pizzerias in New York. I can’t put my finger on it but something about the freshness and sweetness of the sauce, paired with the super stringy cheese and crispy crust was the perfect combination for me.

Prince Street Pizza

Prince Street Pizza was the busiest of the pizzerias we visited whist in New York City. The line went right out the door! But you can see why it’s so popular once you take a bite of their pizza. We went for a slice each of a plain cheese pizza, as well as a square corner slice too. It is famed for it’s pepperoni squares (which looked delicious) but being veggie meant we weren’t able to taste it. But take it from me, every person before and after us was ordering it so it must taste good!

Best Pizza

This was the newest of the pizzerias we tried and one of the most local of them all. Best Pizza was opened by a man called Frank Pinello in 2010 and has become famed for its Grandma Slice. If you hadn’t heard of a Grandma Slice don’t worry, I hadn’t either! It’s basically an upside down pizza where cheese is put on the pizza first followed by the tomato sauce.

This wasn’t my favourite of the pizzerias we visited but the feel and atmosphere of the pizzeria was great. It was located in a quiet residential area of Brooklyn, so it felt like a super local pizzeria, where locals would stop by on their way home from work or on their lunch break. The walls were covered in pizza drawings on paper plates which added a nice touch too.

Joe’s Pizza

Joe’s Pizza is a Greenwich Village Institution and has been producing pizza since way back in 1975. Joe’s Pizza was the place we fell in love with during our visit to New York City in 2017. The tomato sauce was sweet, but not too much so, the cheese stringy and the slice crisp but still with some flop. And at only $3 for a cheese slice it doesn’t break the bank. We loved it so much we bought a t-shirt! Fast forward to 2019 and Joe’s Pizza is still producing great slices. Our favourite of the four locations dotted around Manhattan and Brooklyn is the store on Broadway, just off Times Square.

Unfortunately we ran out of time to try the others we had on our list. But if you’re needing some more suggestions we’ve heard great things about Scarr’s Pizza (located in the Lower East Side) and Di Fara Pizza (Brooklyn). If you’re heading to New York City and try one of the above pizzerias let me know what you thought! Pizza suggestions for New York are always welcome too!

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