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Best Views in New York City

Best views in New York City

If you’re looking for stunning views in New York City, you won’t be short on choices. You name it this city has got it. Views of Manhattan from rooftops, hotels, observations decks and parks. But where are the best places in New York City to get the ultimate view of Manhattan? Well I have a few suggestions of my own…

The High Line

The High Line New York City

In 1934 the High Line opened to trains but due to years of disinterest in the service it closed in the 80’s. Parts of it reopened to the public to explore in 2009 and more and more of the line became accessible in the following few years. During our first trip to NYC we enjoyed a morning walk along the track armed with tea and Levain Bakery cookies. It was a relaxing walk and a respite from the bustling city, honking cabs and the crowds. Some of the coolest features of the track include the 10th Avenue Square & Overlook (great for people watching), the Philip A. & Lisa Maria Falcone Flyover (where you can go face to face with the treetops) and the Chelsea Market Passage.

Hurricane Point and Bushwick Inlet Park

Best Views in New York

If you happen to be exploring Brooklyn’s Bedford Avenue and other surrounding streets, you may come across Bushwick Inlet Park. If you do head down to the waterfront and take in the wonderful views of New York City. To your left you’ll spot the Williamsburg Bridge. And directly ahead of you across the East River, you’ve got views of the East Village, as well as the iconic Empire State Building. And if you look hard enough you can also spot the Chrysler Building!

The Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

You can’t have a post about the best views of New York City without including the Brooklyn Bridge. By taking a walk along the bridge you get both fantastic views of Manhattan, but also of the roads below and the metal beams that make this bridge so iconic. Albeit crowded during the weekend with tourists it is a great place to just watch this city and the runners and cyclists who are constantly weaving through tourists as they make their daily commute across the bridge to work.

Brooklyn Bridge

What made the bridge great for me was the view of the traffic below. From NYPD cars driving past, to the recognisable honking of the yellow cabs. It was mad, very New York, but I totally loved it. Plus if you’re into taking symmetrical photos the Brooklyn Bridge is the ideal place to do so.

The Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry

Some of my favourite views of New York City were from the Staten Island Ferry. Sure seeing the Statue of Liberty was incredible but the sprawling skyline, against the backdrop of the bright blue sky was wonderful to witness. Top tip, if you’re heading from Manhattan to Staten Island be sure to go to the right side of the boat. You’ll get the best views of the Statue of Liberty and of the city too!


DUMBO New York

DUMBO, otherwise known as the Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass is a great place to visit when in Brooklyn and a great spot to get one of the best views in New York City. We visited DUMBO during our first trip to nYC in 2017 and despite the rain we had a great time in the area. You’re treated to wonderful views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges (like the one above). Plus you’ll find plenty of cobbled streets and huge Brooklyn warehouses scattered around.

Rockefeller Centre

Rockefeller Centre

There’s something about seeing a city from above it that makes you really appreciate it and understand it in a completely different way. Whenever I’m in a different city I try to find something to climb in order to get some stunning views. And in New York it was no different. We headed to Top of the Rock to get a birds eye view of the city. And what a view it was. On the ground you have the hustle and bustle of a busy city but from above you get complete silence and some wonderful views. So whether you go to the top of the Empire State, get a helicopter ride over the city or head to the Top of the Rock like we did be sure to make the most of seeing the city from above because it sure is wonderful.

Obviously there are just a very small and personal handful of the best views in New York City. These will completely differ from person to person. If you’ve just been to New York City or plan to go in the near future I want to hear what you think are the best views in New York City. Just leave a comment below!

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