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Should I get an English Heritage Membership?

Should you get an English Heritage membership? The short answer is yes, absolutely. Do it now. But if you’re still not sure about becoming an English Heritage member, read on. I’ll be answering your questions about why you should become part of English Heritage.

How much does it cost to join English Heritage?

It’s cheap and super easy to become an English Heritage member. I purchased a membership for me and my partner using their Joint Membership option. We pay just £8.75 per month. It’s even cheaper than our Netflix subscription. There are also options for an Individual Adult, Young Adult/ Student, Senior and Family. Choose to pay for your membership monthly, annually and for some membership types, a lifetime cost too.

What does English Heritage membership include?

But what are you actually paying for as an English Heritage member? First up, you get unlimited access to over 400 historic places around England. And new for 2019 you’ll be able to park for free at sites managed by English Heritage. With every membership, you’ll get free entry for up to six children, a car sticker, a free handbook (which is SUPER handy to book your next trip) and an exclusive quarterly members magazine. What’s more, you’ll have access to free or reduced entry to English Heritage events, as well as members rewards and discounts too.

But where does my money actually go?

Your membership goes towards supporting something great. Your money goes towards the running and maintenance of all the English Heritage sites, as well as towards projects each year. This year’s project includes enhanced visitor facilities in Whitby Abbey and opening up a new garden area at Walmer Castle. But that’s not all. Thanks to their members and supporters they’ve also managed to host 25 community events at their properties, raised funds to repair and revitalise Framlingham Castle and the Archer Pavillion in Wrest Park. As well as conserving items from spectacles to cannons, adding 450 new lines to their shop and hosting the 330,000 school children who have visited their sites.

What sites are English Heritage?

Eltham Palace leaflet held up in front of Eltham Palace on a sunny day

There are around 400 sites in England that you are able to visit as an English Heritage member. Up and down the country there are ancient ruins, places of worship and famous landmarks for you to discover. Search by place name, postcode or region and you’ll be surprised by how many sites are located close to you, that you may have not even realised existed. Some of the more famous English Heritage sites include Stonehenge (voted Britain’s Greatest National Treasure), Dover Castle and Hadrian’s Wall. But don’t just think big, think local too. The first place we visited with our membership was Eltham Palace & Gardens, which was only a bus ride away.

What events do English Heritage run?

English Heritage runs a wide variety of events throughout the year, that are great for everyone to enjoy. Their blockbuster events will leave you speechless; watch a reenactment of the Battle of Hastings, watch Geroge take on the legendary dragon and watch adrenaline-fuelled jousting competition. Get into the spooky Halloween spirit and wonder among castle ruins, discovering ghost stories and creepy tales. Or make the most of the winter nights during their Enchanted events. Explore the gardens of a number of English Heritage sites and explore an illuminated world of fantastic lights, sounds and colours.

What other discounts do I get as an English Heritage Member?

Those who have joined English Heritage will also receive special discounts and rewards. You can find out about these in your handbook, in the members’ newsletter and on the members’ area online. If you’re heading to Scotland, Wales, Ireland or New Zealand, you are also able to gain free or discounted access to their own national Heritage sites too. Plus there are also associate attractions around England that give members discounts too. This includes entry to London’s Cutty Sark, Blenheim Palace and the Royal Pavillion in Brighton.

If that hasn’t left you wanting to get an English Heritage membership, I don’t know what will. Where are you looking forward to going using your membership? And if you’ve already visited some of their properties, what have been your favourites?

Until next time.

NB. My English Heritage membership was purchased by me and was not gifted to me for this post. All links in this post are affiliate links, so if you choose to become an English Heritage member you will not be charged any more, yet I will make a small commission from it. Please, note all views are my own.