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Top Gift Experiences For Travel Lovers

Christmas may be a way off yet but it’s always good to be prepared right? And this year why not take a different approach to your Christmas present buying? Instead of gifting stuff, why not gift experiences? Below you’ll find a little more information about gift experiences and some of the companies that offer top gift experiences for travel lovers.

Why buy a gift experience?

Over the last few years, I’ve really been re-thinking my gifting habits. Especially around Christmas time. I’ve done the panic buying and I’ve definitely bought that slightly rubbish gift that’s probably gone in a cupboard somewhere, or even worse, in the bin. So I’m trying to buy my loved one’s gift experiences, instead of just stuff. It’s a more sustainable way of gifting and you’re more likely to purchase something that’ll be treasured and enjoyed. Plus they’ll be able to create some fantastic memories during the experience.

Are gift experiences just for travel lovers?

Not at all. These gift experiences are for everyone, not just travel lovers. Yes, you may be able to purchase a weekend away somewhere, but there are also local experiences to choose from as well. There are spa day options, adventure days out and a lot of food & drink tasting experiences for that foodie in your life. There are so many companies out there offering gift experiences now that you’re bound to find something to fit the tastes of your giftee.

Where can I buy a gift experience?

As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of companies who now offer these gift experiences. And it can be overwhelming when trying to decide between them all. So I’ve come up with a few suggestions of my own. They’re all companies I have had contact with. I’ve either bought an experience from them before or plan to in the very near future, or I’ve had someone purchase experience for me from one of these companies.

Red Letter Days

They’re a company I have been aware of for many years now. And I’ve personally received and bought gift experiences from Red Letter Days in the past and one I will continue to use in the future too. They offer a lot of experiences on their site, so to make it super easy to find the right gift, they have it broken down by location, occasion recipient and experience type. They also have their handy new Gift Boxes, just in time for Christmas. There are boxes for everyone, for those who need a little pampering, foodie lovers, couples, adrenaline junkies and there are even short breaks thrown in there too. Within each gift box, there are thousands of experiences to choose from. So your recipient can decide for themselves how they would like to use their gift box, which is another great personal touch.

Virgin Experience Days

When I think of experience gifting Virgin Experience Days are the company that first springs to mind. They have over 2,500 experience on their site alone, ranging from comedy nights, dim sum cookery classes, afternoon teas and so much more. There really is a gift experience for everyone, especially travel lovers. Their short break offering is really fantastic. And as much as it only covers the UK there are a lot of brilliant options for every kind of traveller. I’m talking glamping breaks, luxury hotel escapes, trips to the seaside or city breaks too. And hey, if you sign up to their newsletter (which you are prompted to do when you land on their site) you’ll get an exclusive 10% code to use on your next purchase.


‘Give stories, not gifts’. Their tag line says it all really. I hadn’t heard of Tinggly until I met the team at BorderlessLive in London, earlier this year. From talking with them it was obvious they’re all so passionate about what they do. They want to reduce the waste that comes with buying gifts, whilst also allowing people to discover the world. One experience at a time. What’s great about Tinggly is they seem to have travel lovers in mind with their gift boxes. By using their onsite map, you can pick an experience based on the location. So if your friend is heading off to New York City, for example, you could get them that Little Italy Food Tour they’ve always wanted to do.

What gift experiences have you bought or had gifted to you?

I’ve bought and received a number of gift experiences over the years. I won’t include all of the experiences I’ve been on, but some of my favourites include a trip to Kew Gardens and a pizza-making class for two. I’ve also enjoyed two-afternoon teas at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, which for someone who loves tea and cats, was the perfect gift experience for me. Coming up we also have a courthouse cinema experience, stargazing, another visit to Kew Gardens and chocolate making!

Have you ever considered purchasing a gift experience for your friends or loved ones? Or has someone gifted you an experience you’d love to recommend? Just let me know in the comments, I’m always on the lookout for more things to do.

Until next time