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Breakfast Spots in Boston

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. And you won’t find yourself short of breakfast spots in Boston. Whether you’re looking for bagels, eggs, pastries or pancakes there are a lot of great places to grab breakfast in the city. So to help you out here are some of my suggestions for the top breakfast spots in Boston. Just a disclaimer, I’m a vegetarian, so all recommendations will be based on the veggie food. Although most of the restaurants I visit do cater for meat-eaters, vegan, gluten-free and veggie too! But I’ll specify if that’s not the case.

The Friendly Toast

The Friendly Toast was a recommendation from my friend who lives in Boston, so even before I walked through the door I was excited to try out ALL the breakfast foods. The Friendly Toast has a few other locations in Massachetuttes,  but as we were staying close by we opted to try their Cambridge restaurant. You’ll also find them in Burlington and Back Bay too. I can’t speak for the other locations but it’s a pretty popular spot of a weekend, so get there early. We arrived at 10 am and by the time we left after our meal, the line was out the door.

Now let’s talk about food. They have a big menu, that covers everything from eggs benedict, avocado toast, omelettes, breakfast burritos and french toast. Me and Dan both went for the sweet option of pancakes. One set with chocolate chips, one set with banana, with a side of tater tots. Our food was delicious, it was fairly reasonably priced ($10 for two pancakes) and despite it being busy we didn’t wait for long at all until we were tucking in.

Address: 1 Kendall Square B3101, Cambridge, MA (other locations available)
Opening Hours: Sun – Thu: 8am to 9pm and Fri – Sat: 8am to 10pm

Tatte Bakery & Cafe

Tatte Bakery started its life in the kitchen of founder Tzurit Or way back in 2007. Since then it has evolved from a small bakery selling its goods at Boston’s farmers markets to a company with 12 locations around Boston and Cambridge. Which, lucky for me, meant that there was a Tatte Bakery located right by my hotel in Downtown. Tatte Bakery is a great breakfast spot in Boston. It’s perfect for those looking to grab a wonderful pastry and coffee to go, or for those looking to enjoy a lengthy brunch over the weekend. It also seemed like a great spot to get some work done and to hold a business meeting too. It’s a pretty versatile space, that’s for sure.

I visited the Summer Street location twice on my most recent trip to Boston and I enjoyed it immensely both times. The pastry and cake offering is pretty involved. We’re talking seven different types of croissants. Maple pecan pies, apple crumb muffins and pumpkin toffee tea cakes. To name but a few. After a little time deliberating I went for the above pastry, the delightful ginger morning bun. The lure of tea and baked goods had got me out of bed and onto the freezing streets of Boston, and this bun had made it totally worth it.

My second trip was for a long breakfast with a friend, where I decided to sample something of their all-day menu. Like with the pastries there was a lot of choices. Avocado tartines, halloumi breakfast sandwiches, garden breakfast bowls and muesli. Plus three different types of shakshuka, which both me and my friend opted for. The bread on the side was fluffy yet crispy making it the ideal accompaniment to the dish. The eggs were cooked wonderfully and the flavour was good albeit a little spicy for my taste. Plus the atmosphere of the cafe was relaxed and the decor right up my alley. Tatte Bakery is definitely worth a visit on a trip to the city and is one of my top breakfast spots in Boston.

Address: 125 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02110 (other locations available)
Opening Hours: 
Monday–Friday: 7am–8pm, Saturday: 8am–8pm and Sunday: 8am–6pm

Thinking Cup

Thinking Cup appeared a lot in my internet research of places to grab breakfast in Boston. It also appeared pretty highly in many lists when it comes to coffee. According to their website, they were the ‘first coffee shops in Downtown Boston to serve “Stumptown Coffee” and “Third Wave Coffee”‘. Which for you coffee lovers out there has been named the best coffee in the world by a lot of people, including The New York Times and Food & Wine Magazine.

Thinking Cup is located opposite Boston Common, so I took a prime window seat so I could enjoy my breakfast, people watch and enjoy the view of the Common in the snow. There isn’t a lot to choose from at Thinking Cup but it has all the usual breakfast foods including pastries, sandwiches and bagels. Including a dairy-free and gluten-free menu too.

I love a bagel in the morning so I went for an everything bagel with butter and cream cheese. With a banana and walnut cake and English Breakfast Tea too. The bagel tasted delicious and they gave me just the right amount of cream cheese. And in a pretty expensive city like Boston, paying only $2 for a bagel is pretty good value for money too.

Address: 165 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02111 (other locations available)
Opening Hours: 
Monday–Wednesday: 7am–10pm, Thursday- Sunday: 7am–11pm

Where is your top breakfast spot in Boston? I would love to get your recommendations on where I can grab the best eggs, pastries and bagels in the city. Just comment below!

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