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Book Review: The Atlas Of Happiness

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Helen Russell has done it again. She has a way with words that make anything written down in one of her books fascinating to read, soothing to the mind and also so personal you feel like you’re having a chat with a friend. Her latest book The Atlas of Happiness is a wonderful read and as the front of the book teases is full of ‘the global secrets of how to be happy’.

What’s The Book About?

In a world full of a health pandemic, political tension, environmental crisis and increasing mental health problems, this book is a welcome relief. Instead of reading about the negative issues taking hold around the world, this book plunges you into the positive cultures from countries across the globe and how their history, culture and belief shape people’s happiness. But it’s not just about discovering how these countries stay happy, it’s also about how you can take, say the ideals of Gross National Happiness from Bhutan, and use it in your everyday life.

What’s To Love About The Book?

Each section expertly mixes history and facts with personal stories and memories from locals in Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Iceland, New Zealand, the list goes on. Learn to give everyone a ‘fair go’ like they do in Australia, experience the joie de vivre (joy of living) like the Canadians do or guide your way of life with Aloha as they do in Hawaii. And if one (or in my case a few) of these happiness secrets strike a chord with you, there are some handy take homes at the end of each section.

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But it’s not just the incredible words from Helen that make this book an absolute delight to read, it’s also the stunning illustrations by Naomi Wilkinson. The soft colours, the playful depiction of each country within its map and littered across all pages too. You can pick this book up at any page and you’ll instantly feel a little lighter and a little happier than you were before you started reading.

And Finally…

This is a fantastic resource in learning about different cultures and how they find happiness within it. These global secret are to be learned from, adapted to fit in your everyday life and to be shared with your loved ones. Be sure that once you finish it you pass it along. You may just make someone’s day. And if you loved this book why not check out The Year of Living Danishly, also by Helen Russell. Check out my book review here.

Until next time.

*NB* My copy of The Atlas of Happiness was a birthday gift, so has not been gifted to me or commissioned as a sponsored post. The links to the book (which I would have put in anyways) are using a Waterstones Affiliate link, but this does not cost you any extra and may earn me a little extra money (to put towards more books).





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