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5 Reasons to Start Researching Caravanning

It may not be the time to travel right now, but there’s nothing wrong with a little research and forward planning. And there are a number of reasons to start researching caravanning. Caravan holidays bring back so many great childhood memories for me. Many summers were spent with my mum and brothers caravanning around the UK. From weekends exploring Hastings, eating chips along the seafront, to riding the log flume in Great Yarmouth. They were a cheap and easy way for my mum to take us away. Plus we got to see different areas of the UK, which we may not have if it hadn’t been for caravan holidays. My grandparents are keen caravaners and I’ve had friends who’ve hired campervans to travel around Australia.  

So when Bailey of Bristol got in touch about writing a piece on caravans and caravan holidays, just before we started seeing the start of the current Covid-19 situation, I was thrilled. Although the UK is now on lockdown and not the time to be leaving the house and getting away on holiday, there is nothing to stop you researching caravanning and caravan holidays. Especially if you find yourself with a lot more downtime at the moment. Then if you find that this sounds like the style of holiday for you, you’ll have all your ideas ready to put into practice. So here are just some of the reasons to start researching caravanning, for when we are able to get out into the great outdoors again.

 It’s a great budget holiday 

Caravans provide a brilliant cost-effective holiday option. Once you’ve purchased the caravan (or hired one if you want to try before you buy), then other than fuel for the car, you are free to spend as much or as little money as you want. Being able to cook your own meals will be cost-effective. But if you want to eat out then you have the option to do this as well. What’s also great about caravan sites is that a number of them have excellent facilities such as arcades, swimming pools, playgrounds and mini-golf. So if you choose to stay at one of these with your family a lot of entertainment will be available onsite. There are also other types of sites that are more basic with just a pitch and an electric and gas hookup. It’s all about your travel needs and what is right for your budget.

 The Flexibility

One of the main reasons to start researching caravanning right now is because of the flexibility this type of holiday gives. It’s reason enough to want to start a list of all the places caravanning could take you. You can plan a trip close to home or consider exploring another part of the UK. There really are thousands of options for you to research! In our current lockdown situation in the UK, obviously no one is able to leave home. But people who have a caravan on their driveway or in their garden have been creative about its use during this time. Some households are having a true ‘staycation’ in their caravan at home. Others have found it useful as a home office, playroom for their kids or somewhere different to escape to for a bit of downtime. This shows just how flexible caravans really can be – even if they don’t leave your driveway!

You can take your home with you

If you’ve ever thought your holiday would be better if you could just bring your pillow from home, a couple of extra jumpers, the food you love and all the books on your to-be-read pile then caravanning could solve that problem. You can bring all the things you love with you. From your must-have cooking ingredients to your children’s favourite toys. Caravans do have a weight limit so you’ll need to make sure you stay within this, but you’ll still find masses more flexibility than you’d have with a suitcase and an overnight bag.

It’s a great chance to explore the great outdoors 

In our current climate, nature and fresh air are things that people are missing. So there’s definitely something to look forward to in the thought of getting up early and spending the entire day outdoors. Whatever kind of outdoor experience you are interested in – cycling, swimming or walking for example – maybe start looking now at where a caravan will allow you to do these activities so you have a list of places you might like to visit. Campsites are usually in brilliant natural settings too, where you can open the doors and let the fresh air flood in.

Pets are allowed 

Both my parents have dogs and every time they want to get away, they have to worry about what to do with them. Whether to leave them with friends or family, or put them in a kennel. With caravanning, there’s none of this guilt or worry as you can bring your pets along!  

If you’ve found that these reasons have made you want to jump online to start researching the type of caravan that could suit your family, you can find out more about Bailey caravans on the Bailey of Bristol website.

There is a range of retailers up and down the country that stock Bailey caravans. Although many of these businesses are currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, you can always familiarise yourself with who is closest to you. Perfect for when they are able to open up again. You can find caravan retailers from the south coast up to the north of Scotland. For example, if you are in Aberdeen, Dyce Caravans and Motorhomes are in this area. They sell both new and preowned caravans and motorhomes from Bailey. As well as a range of other manufacturers (including Swift, Coachman and Elddis). If you are not as far north as Scotland, there are many places up and down the country to choose from. Have a look at the Bailey of Bristol Find a Retailer page to help you get your bearings.

I’d love to find out what makes caravan holidays great for you if you’ve experienced them before! Never been? Well get researching and let me know if you find some places you’d like to visit and stay in the comments below.

Until next time.  

*NB. This post is part of a paid campaign with Bailey of Bristol. But please note all views are my own.  



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