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Book Review: Epic Hikes of the World by Lonely Planet

Epic Hikes of the WorldThis Epic Hikes of the World book review has been in the pipeline for a while now. But after hearing the sad news that Lonely Planet is shutting its London and Melbourne offices. Plus reducing its publishing operations for the foreseeable, I wanted to give them some love in these hard times. So I wanted to share my thoughts on their stunning Epic Hikes of the World book. Trust me on this. It’s wonderful. If after reading this review you want to get your hands on a copy of the book, you can head to the Lonely Planet website to purchase a copy. So here it is, my book review of Epic Hikes of the World by Lonely Planet.

What’s The Book About?

You may already be a keen and experienced hiker. Or you may be a complete novice, who has suddenly developed a passion for walking like never before. Whatever your skill, ability and knowledge on hiking, you’ll find that this book is for everyone. The pages span the length, breadth and height of the world. With hiking suggestions from all regions. We’re talking hikes up the UK‘s highest peaks and wild safari walks in Africa to Boston‘s Freedom Trail and Sydney’s Seven Bridges. This is not simply a listicle of the most epic hikes of the world. This is a detailed look at the world and how to experience it whilst getting outside and feeling the gravel, sand or rocks beneath your (achy) feet.

What’s To Love About The Book?

To be honest, absolutely everything. From the personal stories and anecdotes that the Lonely Planet writers share, to the beautiful imagery throughout the book. There is so much to love. The format is especially great. Each main story is compromised of first-hand accounts of the hike featured, as well as a fact box about how to plan the trip, best time to visit etc. But there’s more beyond these main hikes. You’ll also find additional content accompanying the main article. Which includes suggestions for similar trips and adventures that you may wish to consider too. For a book so rich in detail, stories and facts, I never once felt overwhelmed with information. By breaking it down by region and difficulty, you can simply skip to the sections that most interest you. For me, the thing I love most about this book is the incredible mix of fantastic imagery, detailed maps and exquisite illustrations that litter each section of the book. All of the maps in the book are created by Callum Lewis. And the illustrations (both the cover and inside images) have been drawn by Ross Murray.

And Finally…

Even though we can’t travel right now this book is a fantastic resource for continued learning about the world. It’s a great inspiration for any future hiking trips you may wish to go on. And the detail within each page, really makes the hikes come alive. If you’re wanting to support Lonely Planet during this difficult time, or simply wish to keep your wanderlust ignited his book is the key.

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