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Beeswax (And Plant-Based) Wraps by BeeBeeWraps

Beeswax wraps are a great investment for those looking for ways to live more sustainably. They’re the perfect alternative to cling film or foil. And although you may think they’re a little expensive, you can re-use them for up to a year. Every day if you need too! I’ve been using beeswax wraps by BeeBee Wraps for months now (after spotting them for sale on Milk & More’s website) and I love them. They keep my produce fresh, plus I no longer feel the guilt that went along with using non-recyclable or reusable food packaging. So here’s a little more information about why you should make the switch to beeswax or vegan wraps. And why you should let BeeBee help you do that.

Cling Film and Foil Alternatives

Beeswax wraps or their vegan alternatives are an ideal solution for those looking to cut down on their plastic usage. But what makes them so great? Well, they’re reusable. Simply wash the wraps in cold water, let them drip dry and store. In terms of the BeeBee wraps, you can use them up to a year and once that time has passed you can use them as a firelighter or compost them. Beeswax wraps come in all shapes and sizes so you can store whole blocks of cheese, loaves of bread, fresh herbs, or even make a pouch to store nuts and seeds. The only thing that you should avoid storing in the wraps is meat and fish.

The BeeBee Wraps Story

If you’re not familiar with who BeeBee Wraps are I wanted to share their story with you. BeeBee Wraps was created only a few years ago when it’s founder Kath embarked upon creating a better world for her children. After discussions with friends, the idea of making beeswax wraps began. What started out as an Etsy store in 2017, BeeBee wraps have enjoyed some great success in the short life of their business. They’ve been featured in the Guardian and Kath also appeared on Dragon’s Den. Since then they have begun stocking their wraps at Abel & Cole and Milk & More. They’ve collaborated with Sky Ocean Rescue for a bespoke range– featuring designs by Fearne Cotton, Sienna Miller and Cara Delevigne. At the time of writing, the use of BeeBee Wraps instead of cling film has saved over 19,655,156 pieces of plastic from landfill. How great is that?!

I’m a vegan, is there a beeswax free wrap I can use?

Absolutely! Vegans can get in on the reusable wrap action, with the help of BeeBee’s new vegan plant-based range. Just like BeeBee’s beeswax wraps, you can purchase the leaf wraps in a multitude of sizes and patterns. You’ve got the beautiful botanic pattern (which is the pattern I chose) as well as bright coloured pomegranates too. In terms of sizes get yourself a Mixed Sized Pack or The Bread Wrap in both designs. Cant’ decide which pattern is your favourite? Why not opt for The Tropical Family Pack which features both!

How are BeeBee wraps made?

So you may be wondering what actually goes into making these wraps. BeeBee wraps use four sustainably sourced ingredients for their wraps. The beeswax version is created by infusing organic cotton with a mixture of beeswax, rosin and jojoba oil. And the plant-based alternative is created in the same way, just swap the beeswax with sumac and rice bran wax plus tree resin. Each wrap is batched, so if you want to know where your cotton or beeswax came from, you can get in touch with the team. They’ll then use this number to trace the provenance for you.

Are you thinking of taking the plunge and swapping to vegan or beeswax wraps? That’s great news! To get 10% off your BeeBee Wraps order, why not sign up to the Club? You’ll also get access exclusive access to new products and company news too.

Until next time.

*NB* I am a customer of BeeBee Wraps and my beeswax wraps (Tulip Mixed Size Pack and Whale Pod Bread Wrap) were purchased by me. My Botanic Mixed Size Pack was gifted to me by BeeBee Wraps. But please note that all views of the company and the wraps are my own.




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