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Eco-Friendly Mouthwash by Waken Mouthcare

Eco-friendly mouthwash by WakenSince starting my journey to living a more sustainable life, I’ve made a lot of great swaps. And creating my own eco-friendly dental regime was one of my top priorities. Why? Well, there was just so much plastic. Toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpaste tubes and mouthwash bottles too. This year was my first soiree into the world of eco-friendly mouthwash products. And that’s where Waken Mouthcare comes in. Full disclosure. I’ve been a customer of Waken for quite a few months now and have tried and tested their PepperMint and SpearMint mouthwashes using my own money. However, I have been gifted a set in exchange for this post.

About Waken

So who are Waken? If you haven’t yet heard of the brand, it may be because they’re fairly new on the scene. They launched in October 2019 with wellbeing, nature and sustainability at the heart of everything they do. Gone are the harsh chemical and artificial flavours that many bottles of mouthwash contain. In its place are four mouthwash flavours, made completely from natural mints and other botanical extracts. All in recyclable aluminium bottles.

Waken Mouthwash Flavours

I mentioned above that Waken launched with not one, but four eco-friendly mouthwash flavours. Which is perfect for those looking for a little variation in their oral hygiene regime. For those looking to experience a classic mint flavour, try their SpearMint or PepperMint options. Or if something citrusy suits your taste buds better, there is the LemonMint flavour. The final flavour is AniseedMint, perfect for those who aren’t too keen on strong mint flavours. And each Waken mouthwash bottle, (whatever the flavour) in their gorgeous pastel colours look great on your bathroom shelf too!

This is a product review, after all, so I best share some of my thoughts. When I first tried Waken mouthwash I wasn’t sure what to expect. At £8 a bottle it was the most expensive mouthwash on the shelf. Which you may think would put me off, but knowing that the bottle was made from aluminium- allowing it to be recycled over and over again- made it more attractive than the plastic mouthwash alternatives. And if that wasn’t reason enough, it’s completely alcohol-free, vegan-friendly and made from natural mint and other botanical extracts. PepperMint was the first of the four flavours I tried and it had a great, fresh taste. Nothing artificial about it at all. SpearMint, which is my favourite, is a little more subtle and sweeter than the PepperMint. They all left me with fresh breath, and there was none of the stinging sensations that stronger mouthwashes have caused in the past. 

Where can you buy Waken mouthwash?

If this blog has prompted you to try these mouthwashes for yourself, that’s great! You can get your hands on these in a few places. Firstly, you can buy direct from Waken‘s website, and you’ll get free shipping on all UK orders. It arrives beautifully packaged, in completely recyclable packaging. And you can also purchase a handy sipping cup for £4 from their site too. I actually first discovered Waken mouthwash in the aisles of my local Sainsburys. They very often have a half-price deal, so do look out for that when you’re next in the shops. Boots, Amazon and Ocado also stock this product.  

This mouthwash was such a great find and has lead me to lead an almost plastic-free dental regime (just the toothpaste to swap next). I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve tried this for yourself?

Until next time.

*NB* My set of mouthwashes was gifted to me by Waken Mouthcare. But please note that all views of the products are my own. Image Credits: First, Second and Fourth Photo: Waken Mouthcare



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