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A Guide to Making Your Home More Eco-Friendly

A Guide to Making Your Home More Eco-FriendlyAre you looking for ways to make your home more eco-friendly? I know it can be pretty overwhelming when you’re first starting out. There’s just so much you can do. So I thought I’d put together this handy guide in order to give you a helping hand. All the tips below are great ways to start making changes in your home in order to live a more sustainable, eco-friendly life. Just remember, any change is good. If your situation or budget doesn’t allow you to make all these changes, that’s ok too. So let’s get on with it, here’s my guide to making your home more eco-friendly.

Change to a Green Energy Supplier

Switching to a green energy supplier is one of the easiest ways to making your home eco-friendly. In the UK, we have a number of green energy suppliers to choose from, many of which offer cheaper tariffs than the big six. I get my energy from Bulb. They’re a fairly new kid on the block when it comes to supplying green energy. They provide members with 100% carbon-neutral gas and 100% renewable electricity generated from solar, hydro and wind. If you’re thinking of switching to Bulb I have a Refer a Friend link which gives us both £50 off. If Bulb isn’t for you other notable green suppliers include Octopus Energy, Green Energy UK and Ecotricity. 

Switch to Natural Cleaning Products

What you clean your home with, from the laundry detergent you use to the washing up liquid you choose, can have an impact on the environment. The phosphates that enter the waterway from our home, cause damage to aquatic life and their habitat. By ditching the cleaning products which contain harmful ingredients you’re doing your bit and making your home eco-friendly too. You may choose to switch to companies such as Ecover or Method (which can be found in most supermarkets) or make your own cleaning products. If you’re able, it’s also a great idea to buy items in bulk. In our home, I use the 5L Ecover refill bottles for our laundry, dish-washing and bathroom cleaning. By doing this I can reuse my existing bottles, reduce the amount of waste I produce and save money on cleaning products too.

Buy Pre-loved Items

Thinking of switching up your living room furniture? Or need to get yourself a new bed? Instead of searching for new items, why not consider something preloved? Head to your local charity shop or antique market to find something unique, whilst also doing your bit for the environment. It’s also a great way to get crafty. Found a chair you love but hate the fabric? Give reupholstering a try. eBay, Gumtree and Shpock are a great place to start when looking for preloved items. Your local area may also run a group selling or swapping preloved items. You may even get lucky enough to find something in a skip or at the side of the road.

Replace old Windows With Double Glazing

If you’re looking at ways to make your home more eco-friendly and energy-efficient, ensuring your home has double glazing is key. I used to live in a converted Victorian flat, with single glazed windows and trust me, you could really feel it. We had to put the heating on a lot and even when we did have it on, the flat didn’t keep its temperature. Whether you live in a flat, own a house, are considering building a conservatory, or are lucky enough to own orangeries Escape to the Château style, do ensure your windows are double-glazed. If they’re not and you have the budget, then all you need to do is get in touch with a company who install high-quality double glazing, such as Three Counties Ltd. It may seem like a lot of money at the time, but it is an investment, which will save you money on energy prices in the long term, plus it’ll add value to your home too.

Turn off the Lights

A simple act of turning off the light when you leave the room can do a lot for the environment and your wallet too. By getting in the habit of doing this you’ll see a reduction in your electricity usage and extend the life of your light bulbs. It’s such a simple switch and can amount to hundreds of pounds of electricity per household being saved. Switch to candles on a cold winters night to help encourage you to turn off the light. It not only saves electricity, but it feels super cosy too!

Get Rid of Drafts

Fixing the drafts in your home can help you reduce your energy usage, ensuring your home is as eco-friendly as it can be. By investing in window repairs, you’ll ensure your home remains energy efficient. Closing curtains during a cold evening or putting down a rug on hard wooden floors will help to insulate your home. These are a stylish way to prevent air slipping through the cracks in your windows, doors and floors.

These are just some of the many ways you can make your home eco-friendly. If you’re interested in more ways to live more environmentally conscious why not check out my post on The Best Apps to Help You Live More Sustainably.

Until next time.

*NB* This post is part of a paid campaign with Three Counties. A company based in Surrey, who install high-performance windows, doors and conservatories to homes across the Three Counties. But please note that all views are my own.

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