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Renting Clothes With Reason to Rent

Renting Clothes with Reason to RentIn a bid to tackle the issue of fast fashion, clothing rental sites are becoming increasingly popular. Rental fashion has actually been around for a while, Rent the Runway, has been on the scene for over ten years. But as sustainability in fashion comes to the forefront of people’s consciousness, hiring clothes is becoming more widely used. My first experience with renting clothes was with Reason to Rent at the end of 2020. Full disclosure, I had a promo code which entitled me to a free months trial. Although I have not been asked to produce this blog in exchange, I just wanted to share my experience for anyone who is curious about renting clothes.

Fashion and the Environment

Renting ClothesFashion, particularly the likes of fast fashion, has got to breaking point. The fashion industry accounts for up to 10% of the global carbon emissions per year and nearly 20% of the wastewater produced. Even the energy used whilst creating garments uses more energy than both the shipping and aviation industries combined. It has been estimated that filling landfill with clothes and textiles costs £82 million every single year. And that’s just the figure for the UK. Can you imagine how much it’s costing the entire world to send unwanted clothes and textiles to landfill? The overconsumption that we’ve been encouraged to consume when it comes to fashion, has become a global problem and more eco-conscious business and individuals are looking for alternatives to fast fashion. Which is where clothing rental sites come in.

Why Rent Clothes?

Clothes RentalsYes, fashion does have very extreme environmental impacts, but it also does wonders for the economy. According to research from The British Fashion Council, fashion contributes £28 billion to the UK economy. And globally this comes to a staggering £1.9 trillion. So why not turn the money we spend on fast fashion and use it elsewhere within the industry? By renting clothes you reduce waste. Reason to Rent explained it likes this, “Instead of 10 women buying the same dress and wearing it once, renting allows those same 10 women to share one dress. Meaning the dress gets more wears, fewer dresses need to be produced and therefore less waste is created”. Many clothing rental sites also like to rent garments that are made to last. Items for their catalogues tend to be made from good quality fabrics, that are made to be worn numerous times.

Renting clothes isn’t for everyone. But it is a fun way to experiment with new styles, whilst avoiding contributing to the environmental impacts that fashion causes to the planet. If you do end up trying out a clothing rental site, do let me know! I would love to hear about your experience. If you enjoyed this post, do check out some of my other posts about sustainable living. Including how to make your home more eco-friendly and some of the best apps to help you live more sustainably.

Until next time.

*NB* My first-month trial was free thanks to a promo code shared with my by Reason to Rent. I was not required to write this blog post in exchange for promotion.

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