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New York. Sigh. I love this city. The ever honking yellow taxis, the pretzel carts on every street corner and not knowing which street or avenue we were on but loving every minute of it. Given that it was my first time, we did frequent a lot of the typical tourist spots. So here are my top five places to visit in New York for first timers


Medieval, romantic and picturesque are just some of the words used to describe Bruges. And they’re pretty accurate. We visited the Belgium city in the summer of 2017 to celebrate Dan’s birthday. Find out what we got up to during our weekend in Bruges


Hello again


Photo Credit: Dan Moore/ Instagram @danm121 So as the title of this blog suggests I’m saying hello to the blogging sphere again. I’ve had this blog for about five years now and have admittedly taken some time out from it over this period. But now I’m back at it and


  • [GIFTED] Twenty Theatres to See Before You Die is the wonderfully written book by @amblomfield. I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy to review. And let me tell you it was a delight to read. Take a journey across Britain and through the history of theatre with each page. And must read travel, arts and theatre lovers among you. Link to the full review can be found in my bio.
  • Beautiful views from today’s walk along the Westerham and Chartwell Trail. Can’t wait to visit again once National Trust re-open Chartwell House, once home to Sir Winston Churchill.
  • Over the last few years I’ve really tried to cut down on my plastic usage. This biodegradable dental floss from The White Teeth Company is one of my more recent favourites when it comes to eco-friendly products. Dan gifted me this floss (along with the rest of their detox kit) and I love it. The product is eco-friendly, completely zero waste (the floss is biodegradable and it’s in a glass jar) and plastic-free. I’ve written a blog about my favourite eco-friendly products if you want to check out more of my recommendations.
  • Only an hour drive from where we live are the beautiful White Cliffs of Dover. I’ve only ever seen them from the ferry  when I’ve been heading to Europe. But we actually got to walk on top of them. The views were pretty gorgeous and we could even see France!
  • Hands up who has been watching a lot of TV at the moment 🙋🏻‍♀️ I sure have. So if you’re looking to get a much needed travel fix or simply need something new to watch, check out my latest blog post, Travel by TV: Shows to Take you Across the Globe. Link in bio. I’d love to know some of your favourite travel TV recommendations too!
  • This is my second year attempting to grow my own vegetables. And I’ve had some success so far! My cucumbers, aubergines, broccoli, chard and spinach have all grown into healthy seedlings. Plus my shop bought rosemary, basil and coriander have been thriving since I’ve repot them. Anyone else attempting to grow their own veg this year?
  • Lonely Planet have long been a favourite publication of mine for travel inspiration. And when Dan gifted me this wonderful book at Christmas I was over the moon. It’s full of so many bucket list hikes, beautiful illustrations and great first hand experiences from the writers. I’ve reviewed it on the blog if you want to find out more. Links in the bio.
  • I love being an English Heritage member and have explored some great properties since having my membership. And on lockdown I’ve had to find new ways to continue to support @englishheritage and continue to learn more about the work they do. So I’ve written a blog about E flush Heritage Virtual Tours. Including 360 videos, virtual tours and their own podcast too! Links in the bio.
  • One year ago today this happened. Thank you for the most beautiful ring, the best day of my life and the promise of many more amazing years to come.
  • Knole Park is one of my favourite @nationaltrust sites. It’s super close to London by car or train, is a great place to walk of a weekend and there’s a whole herd of wild deer. I’ve written a post on my blog about exploring Knole Park and if you’re interested the links in my bio. Thanks for the 📷 @danm121
  • (AFFILIATE) Charles Darwin’s Home, Down House, is one of my favourite @englishheritage sites I’ve visited so far. The beautiful greenhouse, Darwin’s study and this door 😍 My latest post is all about my experience there, as well as practical information on how to get there and how much it’ll cost you.
  • Seaside walks with this one

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