South East London is where we call home. I’ve explore many of the surrounding areas during my weekends and surprisingly have found heaps of street art pieces decorating the streets. Here are some of my favourite South East London street art pieces… View Post

Spain, had always been on my travel to-do list. But it wasn’t until January 2018 that I’d actually made plans and visited,┬ádespite its proximity to the UK. So if you’ve never been to Barcelona and need a helping hand when it comes to what to see, eat and do on your first trip to the city, keep reading

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Out of the 100 subway station in Stockholm over 90 are decorated. You’ll find paintings, mosaics, sculptures, from over 150 artists, all in various styles and designs. There’s so much great art in the Stockholm subway and we covered a fair few on a free subway tour, as well as some on our own. So if you’re looking for a few suggestions on where to start these are my Stockholm Subway Highlights… View Post

In April myself and friends visited Scandinavia for the first time. We were in the city over the Easter period and despite the holiday we still managed to cram in a lot of exploring. So if you’re thinking of visiting this lovely city here are my suggestions on what to do in no particular order… View Post

Taking a break from my New York posts for now I wanted to share with you a little about my time in Philadelphia. I have friends in the area and as it was such a short bus ride from New York I thought I’d spend a few days there exploring. So here are my top suggestion of things to do in Philadelphia… View Post